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A comprehensive and user-friendly guide to Media Composer written by an authority in its application and informed by decades of real-world experience. Filled with best-practice advice, guides and tips on how to successfully see your project, small or large, from planning to delivery, The Media Composer Companion is a friend to any editor who wants to be faster, more accurate and secure in the knowledge that they can spend more time on creativity. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, if you have Media Composer on your screen, this book should be next to your keyboard.
Karl Rawstrone. Programme Leader MA Post Production Editing, Bournemouth University.

"The Media Composer Companion is the best friend you can have whether you are a long-in-the-tooth pro who needs to check something quickly or a newbie learning Avid for the first time. Every editor should keep a copy by their keyboard."
Dr. Trevor Hearing
Principal Academic | Faculty of Media and Communication

Excellent: Clear instructions and easy to read. A benefit to first timers and seasoned users alike. Well worth the price. We bought some for our University and they will help our post-production students reach new levels of skills in editing on Media Composer.
Marek Budzynski (ACI, Arts University Bournemouth)

Excellent: I have been an Avid Certified Instructor for over 13 years and when I used to teach editing at Miami Dade College in Florida, USA, I used Roger's previous book. I liked it, learned from it, and found it practical. I am grateful for that. With the new book I think Roger has done a good job explaining and showing, with menu screen captures, enough of a particular topic or technique for the user to be able to implement it right away, without overwhelming the user with too much information. If a student wants to learn Media Composer and does not need the Avid Certificate which requires the use of the official courseware I would definitely recommend this book.
Rubén Abruña (ACI)

I am halfway through Roger Shufflebottom’s book and it is EXCELLENT!!! Highly recommend you get a few for your school.
Marianna Montague, Sr. Director, Customer Success Management at Avid Technology

I  love the book. It displays such an authoritative and comprehensive coverage.
Trevor Boden, Master Instructor - EMEA, Avid Technology Europe Ltd.


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